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Networking & Coordination

Networking is an effective tool for sharing knowledge and information in the current globalized labor market. It plays an instrumental role in maintaining uniformity of understanding about the trade union issues and formulating common strategies to get the labor agendas addressed. Effective networking and coordination among the existing trade unions help to integrate efforts against unscrupulous employers. But the trends in Nepali trade unions movement have become very unpredictable due to ideological differences that run deep in different trade unions affiliated to various political parties. ITUC-NAC has developed the culture of networking at national and international levels to foster mutual cooperation and coordination among trade unions and their solidarity centres across the globe. Through regular networking, the unions are brought at the common table to discuss effective strategies to fight the age-old injustice meted out to the workers by their employers. This has helped to ensure the social security of workers and a democratic labor market in Nepal. 

Since its inception, ITUC-NAC has been coordinating with major national trade union centres, with their common motives of the promotion and protection of workers’ rights in both formal and informal economic sectors. This collaborative venture that initially began with six working sectors, namely transport, construction, manufacturing, hotel & tourism, textile-garment-carpet and tea plantation, has now expanded its coverage in other more than 16 sectors. The collaboration has now come a long way with significant achievements like protection of trade union rights, development of joint work culture, promotion of trade union movement, trade union education, including the development of public awareness across the country. Additionally, the programs/activities conducted by the Joint Board, have organized a large section of diverse labor force across the nation. The ITUC-NAC’s joint board has also been able to address several concerns and issues associated with both formal and informal economic sectors. It further plans the launch of coordinated interventions in collaboration with all trade unions to ensure visible changes in the living conditions of workers in Nepal. 


Stonehouse 107/3, Saras Marg
Anamnagar , Kathmandu , Nepal


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