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ITUC-NAC has currently been organizing multi-dimensional activities/programs in Nepal since 2003 with the continuous fund support from LO/FTF (a well established trade union of Denmark). The LO/FTF Council has been working in Nepal since 1990, first on a regional educational project with ICFTU-APRO (now ITUC-AP). The LO/FTF assistance includes funding for project staffs, international consultants, internal and external experts, office equipment, trainings and training materials and various activities/programs designed under the project. This support has significantly helped the organization bring trade union activities in tandem in Nepal. Furthermore, the support has been helpful in developing effective measures/guidelines for the functioning of the joint committees and for regulating the administration and financial systems, including the mobilization of union structures at local & national levels for the good of all the workers across the country. ITUC-NAC further strives to expand its services with a broader perspective by providing meaningful support to a larger group of beneficiaries in the days to come.

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