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About Us

ITUC-NAC's Priorities


Promotion Of Industrial Peace And Democratic Labour Market

Industrial peace is the precondition for the prosperity of any nation. And, this is not possible unless fundamental agendas of the workers have been addressed. The protracted delay in the legislation of labour laws has deteriorated the working conditions of the large mass of workers. The country’s prolonged political transition has made things further worse in Nepal’s labour market. Considering the need of time, ITUC- NAC has therefore been playing a pivotal role at maintaining industrial peace, developing good industrial relations and resolving industrial conflict by bringing the workers and employers at a common table. Such initiative has made significant impact in securing industrial peace in Nepal by ensuring a democratic labour market in many sectors.


Promotion Of Women Participation In TU Activities In Nepal

ITUC-NAC firmly believes that the development of the nation is possible only through women’s empowerment and their inclusive participation in all sectors. Women’s participation has therefore been the issue of top priority in all the trade union activities. Following the guidelines of ITUC-NAC, the major trade unions have prioritized the inclusive representation of women in all units, plants and central level committees. They are given equal opportunity to participate in all programs/activities and encouraged to play a leading role from plant to central level committees. They have been empowered with leadership training, organizing training, literacy training and other related to social awareness. A study circle has been formed in different corners of the nation, targeting issues like women’s rights, collective bargaining, and the Labor laws. It has organized a large number of women thereby bringing awareness among them about the contemporary labour market and their role and responsibility. This initiation has enhanced the capacity of women from both formal and informal economy. Consequently, they are visible in every structures, leadership, networking, research activities, and are fighting actively for equality and women’s rights at the workplace and in the society. The innovative training and awareness activities have empowered them to exert for ensuring democracy, peace and human rights in Nepal.


Decent Work And The Labor Laws

It is an ongoing regional program of ITUC-AP and the LO/FTF Council, implemented in Nepal since April 2008. This program is designed and executed in a way to address poverty and improving governance by inclusion of the decent work agenda in national Labor Legislation, and strengthening the international advocacy and solidarity for labour law reforms including the right to organizing, collective bargaining and acknowledging the problems of occupational health. Following the objectives of the regional program, ITUC-NAC has conducted some specific activities like conferences, seminars and the baseline study on the status of the implementation of the labour laws, research focusing on selected industries. And, based on the output of such huge events and findings of the study, ITUC-NAC develops strategy and action plan in coordination with the national trade unions in Nepal to improve the overall working conditions on the Nepali labour market.


Institutionalization Of JTUCC

The Joint Trade Union Coordination Centre (JTUCC) was developed in Dec 2007 as a high-level trade union mechanism of all the trade unions which are actively functioning in the Nepali labour market. The LO/FTF Council, which has been supporting Nepali Trade Union movement since long, has established its office in Kathmandu in order to support the ongoing trade union movement in Nepal. Since then, the Council is providing the JTUCC with technical and financial support. The motive behind the establishment of JTUCC is to patronize existing trade unions and governs them with effective guidelines. As institutionalization of JTUCC has been the issue of top priority, ITUC-NAC has been constantly holding consultation with government to institutionalize it. And the government seems positive towards its institutionalization process as JTUCC has been summoned to participate in the important discussion of labour issues many times by the government. The government has acknowledged the importance of JTUCC in recent years. The establishment of JTUCC and government’s acknowledgement to it can be taken as a significant achievement in the history of Nepali trade union movement.


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